We have the Radiation-utilizing fungi!

Beyond Berlin has signed an official Material Transfer Agreement with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to received biological materials. A scientist [ask for name] at LBL has spent his career searching for rare extremophiles such as the radiation absorbing C. sphaerospermum and has been kind enough to send us our first samples for testing.

Now the fun begins...

We have successfully grown up samples of the fungus and created cryostock for future use. Next stop, genetic engineering of the MTR electrogenic pathway! And radiation experiments! And more!


12/29/2015 12:56pm

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06/09/2016 3:45am

Fungus can live succesfully in a radiation enviroment!

08/31/2016 10:39pm

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Some really useful slides here. I've been looking for something like this to help with a research piece I've been working on.


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