We were able to present Project Gamma Hungry at the 4th International Radiation Protection Association 2014 in Geneva Switzerland on June 22.
This conference was made possible through support from Autodesk Research and theBio/Nano/Programmable Matter Research Group. Thank you for all your support!
The conference took place at the Centre International de Conferences Genève in Geneva, Switzerland.

We presented a poster

We had lots of fun!!

There Was Radiation Art!

One of the greatest parts of the IRPA event was an art exhibit for radiation-based art that was occurring simultaneously. 

"During the Congress, an exhibition will bridge the gap between science and art. Textile artists from around the world have been invited to display their artistic approach to the theme “Radiation”. The perspective of these artists ranges from the beauty and aesthetic appeal of radiation to research and technical applications without concealing the darker sides. The ultimate challenge is how to convert this abstract theme onto the soft media of fabric. We invite you to take this unique opportunity to experience your field of work from a new angle!"



12/29/2015 11:08am

You're doing great and very useful work! I looked through your blog and thought - "For this person this work is not a way to spend time".
Wish you lots of luck in your hard work!

02/20/2016 11:21am

You really had lots of fun!!


That ws great art exhibit for radiation-based art that was occurring simultaneously!

08/31/2016 9:02pm

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